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Today is a beautiful rainy spring day in Seldovia. A little wind, a little sun and here and there some sprinkles of rain.

I am making some homemade soup and finishing up some artwork. I am so glad you stopped by..please get yourself a cup of coffee and join me in my kitchen studio.

I have a regular studio upstairs ...but to tell you the truth..my kitchen table is where I do most of my art....with a cup of coffee and good friends stopping by to chat. Sit down and stay awhile..I am never too busy for company!

Monday, September 26, 2011

WF Project

Well the WF Project is moving along but while I was wiping off some excess color from her face I created a crack just under her chin on her neck....darn it!  But on the plus side she stands on her own....I was worried she would not balance properly. And I think the proportion of her size and then her feet are pretty close.  She stands 22 inches the biggest Wendy Froud type sculpt I have ever done....well I have only done 3....oh...and I love her feet!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tomorrow I will be posting photos of the little Muse I have been working on for a couple of months.  So close to being actually done. But the motivation factor is missing.....so if I say that I am going to here....then perhaps that will help.

Little Hermits or a Few Old Crabs!


I seem to be moving in slow motion these days.  Sometimes I feel like my life is falling apart.  I don't think it is because Jim died.....I think it is just a general falling apartness of it all....can't focus, can't think, can't get anything done....seems like I just go in circles and trip over myself.  I hope it passes soon...this is getting old fast.

I need to finish my sculpt for the WF type project I am part of .....and today I made myself post items for sale on my Etsy shop  Selvsaas@Etsy.com  my Sandee's Village Shop has been needing some items to sell in it for a couple of months. Not very motivated...I put up some Hermit Crabs that I have had done for a month and they should have been posted weeks ago.

So anyway...I am going to post a few pictures and then see about finishing my last foot for the project.....