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Today is a beautiful rainy spring day in Seldovia. A little wind, a little sun and here and there some sprinkles of rain.

I am making some homemade soup and finishing up some artwork. I am so glad you stopped by..please get yourself a cup of coffee and join me in my kitchen studio.

I have a regular studio upstairs ...but to tell you the truth..my kitchen table is where I do most of my art....with a cup of coffee and good friends stopping by to chat. Sit down and stay awhile..I am never too busy for company!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Beautiful Day!

A Beautiful Sunny Day in Seldovia!  After about 2 or 3 weeks of rain...what am I doing in the house?

Saturday, July 14, 2012


The following photos are the sculpture I worked on this summer. At least that is where part of my time went. I really like how she turned out. You can follow along in the pictures and sort of see how she was made. There are many, many more photos, these are just a few.

Done for now

Yep...I like it!

This color!

What color hair?

Costuming Meara

Meara "WIP"

Sculpting Meara

Here are photos of Meara as a work in progress. She is made from the wire out, all handmade by me, including her eyes, and clothing.

"Meara" from the Royal Courts of the Faery Realms

Passing Time

Well, here it is the middle of July and I haven't blogged since Mother's Day! I don't know if I have been that busy but I guess I must have been.

I have a teenage granddaughter living with me so...that could account for not having time...do ya think???

We have had a summer of rain and wind here in the Village. Of course I must remind myself...."we live in a coastal rainforest". And this is what it does to make everything so beautiful and green....and I do love all the shades of green. I never tire of looking out my window seeing the ever changing colors as the plants grow, blossom and go to seed.

I will post photos of my latest sculpt.....a Wendy Froud "type" sculpt done in the last project of the sculpting group I belong to.  I am also working on some little things for sale and tomorrow I will go down and collect my Hermit Crabs from the local gift shop and start to fill my Etsy shop again. I took everything out for summer but it is time now.  For me vending didn't work out this year...for lots of reasons..so now to start planning for next year. My friend Leny will come and pick me up tomorrow and I will take my canopy down and just get ready for next summer. Time to pack everything away, most of the tourists have come and gone... And I am turning my thoughts to the holidays and getting ready for that.