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Today is a beautiful rainy spring day in Seldovia. A little wind, a little sun and here and there some sprinkles of rain.

I am making some homemade soup and finishing up some artwork. I am so glad you stopped by..please get yourself a cup of coffee and join me in my kitchen studio.

I have a regular studio upstairs ...but to tell you the truth..my kitchen table is where I do most of my art....with a cup of coffee and good friends stopping by to chat. Sit down and stay awhile..I am never too busy for company!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Vending's second week!

No Pictures today.  This is the second week of vending and it is still cold

Sunday, June 12, 2011

All handmade by Seldovia's artists. One of a kind creations!

First day....one canopy, two tables, two vendors.... By day three on Saturday...two canopies, 7 tables and 5 vendors. We have two other Vendors waiting for their canopy and tables to arrive to start selling.....as well as two other vendors getting their inventory ready to sell.....and another couple with books and jewelry to sell. 
Leny and Brenda on the first day of set up.

Seldovia' Open-aire Market...a Beginning

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Open Air Market in Seldovia

The Handmade Artists in Seldovia along with the City of Seldovia are creating an open-air market for vendors who live here in Seldovia.  We are showcasing our local talent and very skill craftsmen/women.  The vending license is available at the City Office for $15.00 with a charge of $3.00 for everyday that the vendor is actually selling. 

Vendors will be located in the center of town across from the Post Office in the side parking lot of the Library Building. Vendors can be active everyday from Memorial Day through Labor Day.  Setup is 10am and take down is 4pm ...

Please stop by and visit and check out what the locals have been up to.
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Blustery Day

Blowing and raining here in Seldovia.  I expect that the electricity will go off, it usually does on bad weather days like this.  The temperature isn't bad...about 45*....but the wind is whipping around.


They have changed the way to post photos on the blog and I am still learning how to post photos and text in the same blog entry.

This is my newest little hermit crab called Bernard Bilgewater. He is the latest addition to my Sandee's Village Shop on Etsy.com.  They are always fun to make and when the go to homes far away and new people to enjoy them I am so very happy.

Two of his friends left today to a new home in Pennsylvania.  Seamore and Hermie will be arriving there in a couple of days...probably Monday. They are going to a very loving family....

Bernard Bilgewater